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Early Childhood Education Service


Service Introduction

There are a total of 12 nursery schools/ kindergarten/ child care centre, 2 Pario Children and Parent Education Centre and 1 Pario Arts Education Centre under our Early Childhood Education Service. We serve around 6,539 children between ages 0 to 6 and 4,352 families each year, provide them with quality early childhood education and parent education.



Service Objectives

We strongly believe that childhood is a unique and precious stage of one's life cycle. Our mission is to provide children with a safe, healthy, nurturing and interactive environment. We pay high respect to individual differences and uniqueness of every child and are dedicated to build their self-esteem and inspire their potential. We aim towards helping children achieve "whole-person development" with quality services. Our transdisciplinary teams adhere to our service motto – "Cherishing the Potential of Children, Fostering Whole-Person Development, Consolidating Transdisciplinary Efforts, and Partnering with Families" to achieve excellence in our various types of services.




  • Cherish the uniqueness, potential and overall developmental needs of each child.
  • Provide balanced, enriching and diversified learning opportunities to promote holistic development of children.
  • Consolidate transdisciplinary strength to provide high quality education services.
  • Enhance family life education and parenting effectiveness by partnering with families.



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