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Residential Child Care Service


Service Introduction

Families are the core units of a society and have their significant roles in the stability of individuals and the society. When families have difficulties, parents are unable to take care of their children temporarily or permanently, the society has the responsibility to take care of the children, so as to ensure the welfare of the children are secured. 


When children have to receive out of home care, family type of care should be considered first so that children can continue to enjoy stable and happy family lives with healthy development.


Starting from 1970's, Hong Kong Christian Service has launched residential child care service in Hong Kong to provide suitable care and nurture for children of families in difficulties.


1972:Launched foster care service, the first of its kind in Hong Kong
1993:Expanded our foster care service to serve children with mild mentally handicapped
1994:Launched our small group home services
1995:Started to operate integrated small group homes for mild mentally handicapped children
1996:A small group home for boys started running
1999:Started to provide emergency foster care service to families in crisis
2006:Started running emergency / short-term care in small group homes
2014:Began providing professional support service in small group homes,
clinical psychologists and social workers provide assessment and intervention for children with special needs.
2017:Clinical psychologists also started to serve children in foster care service
2019:A small group home for girls started running
From 2007 to 2012, we also provided day foster care service.



Service Objectives

We provide family care or family-like care and nurture to children whose families are having difficulties taking care of them until the children have long term welfare arrangement (such as family reunion, joining an adoptive family or living independently). Besides, we also support natural families to face their challenges, build up family cohesion and facilitate family functioning.





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